Irrigation is Another Tool for Farmers

Dothan, AL - With all the rain in the Wiregrass lately, you would think Joe Melton could relax a little.  But the farmer isn't kicking up his heels just yet.

“I want to learn more about irrigation. When it gets dry that's the only way we can produce,” said Melton.

“When you are farming, and you are growing crops, that is a high risk business. If you don't get the rain in the time you need it you could lose your whole crop,” said Alabama State Conservationist Bill Puckett.

That's why many are hoping to tap into new irrigation techniques. They got the opportunity to learn about them at a Water Conservation Workshop Thursday at Landmark Park.

“That water is not going to be available unless we have management tools in place like ponds that will be filled up now that we can irrigate out of. We're hoping it continues to rain and irrigation is supplemental to our natural rainfall,” said Henry County Extension Coordinator Jimmy Jones.

Due to that rain, they couldn't do all of the demonstrations they had planned, however there was a large

“Vast array of different type farmers in here from limited resource farmers all the way to the everyday row cropper that can learn something about water resource management,” said Jones.

Hopefully these techniques will keep their profits from drying up.

The workshop was free and sponsored by Wiregrass RC&D, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, USDA, and Landmark Park.

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