Area Farmer Embraces Temperature Drop

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The cold weather is not scaring an area farmer.

Edward White has been farming cotton, peanuts and oats in Headland since the 1960’s, but his love for the land is much deeper than that.

“I was born and raised in Headland, and hope to die in Headland,” he said.

During White’s 50-plus years of farming in the area, he has experienced some chilly winters, but he can only recall a few instances when his crops were affected by the weather.

“We have had some oats that have been killed before, but you know, it has been so long since I’ve seen ice spewing from out of the banks along the roads, it would be kind of exciting to see ice spewing from the banks,” admitted White. “We haven’t had any cold weather, we need some cold weather. It’s just been a long time.”

That’s why White is not concerned about the recent temperature drop in the Wiregrass.

“I don’t see it as a crisis, now if we had some crops in the ground still it could possibly do some damage but we finished up a couple of weeks ago with all of our cotton and the last of the cotton so we are in good shape. Now it is maintenance time and planning time – a time to get ready for another year and try to get spring lime out etc. and there’s always, always maintenance work to do.”

So what’s White’s secret for keeping calm when the cold comes in?

“Just get prepared, don’t leave your pipes exposed, make sure that you have anti-freeze. If you can’t afford anti-freeze, drain the water out of it and in the morning put some more in it. We used to not have anti-freeze and we would just drain the water out of it. We didn’t have busted pipes because we cut the water off and the drain the water out and now we have heated houses so we don’t necessarily need to do that, but be prepared.”

By being organized and ready for whatever Mother Nature may throw the area, White is able to offer the following advice:

“Buckle down enjoy this cold weather, because next summer when it is hot, we are all going to be complaining about how hot it is.”

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