Farm Safety

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Farming is more than just planting some seeds and watering them.
With all the equipment needed to grow crops, it can also be dangerous.

"I realized how important farmer safety is from that accident it could have cost me my life but I found out you can never take farm safety for granted you really need to be sure that you are taking all precautions," said Doug Sinquefield, farmer.

Sinquefield says time management is important when it comes to making safe decisions.

"Don't get in a hurry that's one of the most important thing for farmers sometimes we begin to get in a hurry we have some stressful situations that can create some problems you need to stop slow down and think about what you are doing before you move too quickly that could cost you your limb or your life," said Sinquefield.

Officials say drivers should also be aware of the farm equipment they share the roads with.

"Tractors are unusually larger than your typical vehicle and their equipment that they are pulling behind it is very large and people need to slow down and be aware of them they will have a slow down emblem with is bright orange," said Willie Durr, Houston County Extension Coordinator. "It is the most dangerous profession there is."

Farmers also say it's important to read of the user manuals before operating any equipment.

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