Family of Young Girl with Rare Condition Seeks Help

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(Paxton, FL)—For the first time in her life, a young girl born with a rare disfigurement disorder is able to move on her own. Katie was born with Proteus Syndrome, which caused her head to outweigh a good portion of her body. Doctors performed successful reconstructive surgery a few weeks ago, but Katie still has many procedures ahead.

“Six months into my pregnancy, doctors told me to get an abortion,” Katie’s mother, Angie Renfroe said. “I said I won’t do that, if the Lord has blessed me with this child then I am going to keep it,” she said.

Katie is now moving on her own and able to feed herself, but she’s still unable to speak. Her family will soon travel to specialists in South Florida to see if more surgery can give her a normal life.

“I used to worry about what kind of life she’ll have as she grows up,” Renfroe said. “But now I just look at the positives and appreciate what she can do.”

Katie is one of eight children. Her family lives on a fixed 7-hundred dollar a month income, which means traveling back and forth to the doctor can be both expensive and dangerous.

“We had people donate tires for our van and give us gas cards before, but we’re at the end of that charity,” she said. “I hate asking for help and I wish I could give others more, but anything, even if it’s just a prayer, means the world to my family.”

Catholic Charities in Fort Walton accepts donations for the Katie Renfroe Fund. Donations can also be made for Katie at any Regions Bank under the name of Danial Renfroe.

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