Family of Daleville Shooting Suspect Speaks Out

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Just hours after the Hone family woke up on Tuesday, Samuel Hone was taken into police custody after allegedly pointing a loaded weapon at Daleville Police Officers.

Friends and family members know Samuel Hone as a veteran, a devoted father and a loyal son, but on May 27, Daleville Police arrested him on attempted murder charges, but family members say that is not who Samuel truly is.

“We want people to know him for him not for today, because today is not him he’s a better man than this,” explained a family member who did not want to be identified. “He’s extremely loyal if you need anyone he’s there, he’s the first one to give you the shirt off his back.”

Family members say that after returning home from a deployment in Iraq, Samuel began struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They say he has been on medication, but recently ran out of his prescription. He has been waiting for Veteran’s Affairs to refill it, that’s when hone stopped being himself.

“And he looked at me and he didn’t even see me. He looked and he was blank he didn’t see me.”

Family members say Hone was irritable over the last few days, but they were dealing with it and keeping him calm - it wasn’t until Samuel left the home with a loaded weapon did they realize how bad the situation could become.

Family members called Daleville Police asking them to secure Samuel safely, although shots were fired; the family says they are just glad that no one was injured or killed in the incident.

“We love him…we are by his side no matter what…we will be here no matter what. We have been here the whole time and we just want him to come home and get some help. I want him to see him again.”

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