Family and Friends Hold a Vigil For a Blakely Death Victim

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It's been two weeks since a Blakely, Georgia man died of an apparent hit and run.

Authorities are still seeking for leads, hoping to find a suspect soon. Friends and family of the victim recently held a vigil to plead for the communities help. Family and friends are very sad because they still don't have answers. They believe the community knows something and all they want is for someone to speak up. Those close to Sammy George gathered on the courthouse steps in Blakely to rally and seek justice. They want the driver who allegedly hit George to turn himself or herself in. Police say George was left on the side of a dark road while walking home from a friend's house.

"You know how the streets are, everybody talks in the streets but nobody is going to the sheriff like they should. The sheriff doesn't really have nothing. We are waiting for somebody to step forth and tell the sheriff," said Rodney Igles, a friend of Sammy George's.

Family and friends are not giving up until someone is caught. They say another vigil will be at next Saturday at the same place. If you have any information about this case, your asked to contact the Early County Sheriff's Office at (229)-723-3214.

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