Family Donkey Missing from Geneva

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A beloved family friend has gone missing from Geneva County.
And the family needs your help to bring him home.

He's in his late twenties, he's white with patches of gray, and he weighs between 500 and 600 pounds. He goes by the name of Frank, and his family is desperate to get him back.

For most people, a loyal family pet is a dog or a cat. For the Kazee family, it's a donkey named Frank.
He disappeared from their home in Geneva nearly a month ago, and for 6-year old Kalijah Ray, he's a close friend who is lost.

Kalijah's mother, Nicole remembers their routine. "Kalijah, he would get out and he would groom Frank every day with his daddy. He would get out there and ride him.
We did that every day. That was his routine. As soon as he got off the bus, he would get on him."

The routine and responsibility that Frank provides is essential to Kalijah, who has autism.

Nicole Kazee explains, "Frank was his daily job; take care of Frank. Give him a bath, groom him."

The Kazees think the donkey may have escaped after a flood washed out his fence. And they're searching everywhere to find him and bring him home to their son.

"I've talked to 80 people maybe more. Been up and down the road, hollering for him. I still ain't found him. Nobody seen him," says Donnie Ray Kazee, Kalijah's father.

Kalijah is still optimistic that Frank will return to him.

"He cries about him, he hollers every time we come outside- 'Frank, Frank, Frank!' He'll get a bucket of feed and try to see if he'll come home," Nicole says.

Frank is white with gray patches on his ears and a mark on his rear in the shape of a horseshoe.
For now, the Kazees will keep looking for him... And the comfort frank brings to Kalijah Ray.

"He's loved and we want him home," says Nicole.

If you believe you've seen Frank, please call (334)-723-2398 and ask for Nicole.

The Kazees say Frank is a very calm animal, and would be easy to rope if he's found.