Fallen Ariz. Firefighter Called Alabama Home for Awhile

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One of the firefighters killed last weekend in Arizona called Alabama home for a short time.

Sean Misner lived in Auburn while his friends attended the university.

Long-time friend Dale Couture says Misner leaves behind more than a legacy of selfless community service.

The two met through baseball. Couture describes Misner as an "up for anything" kind of guy.

When Couture and another friend were accepted at Auburn, he says Misner followed but never got over his high school love.

"He was lovestruck completely by Amanda. I can't imagine saying anything that would really help her a lot right now but just to know how much he loved her."

Misner eventually moved back to Arizona where he became a firefighter. He leaves behind his wife, Amanda, and their unborn son, Jaxson.

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