FSU-PC Student Charged in School Hacking

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) -- A student at Florida State University Panama City is facing a felony charge after authorities say he hacked into the school's open wireless network and redirected users to a porn site.

An arrest report shows that 26-year-old Benjamin Blouin admitted to hacking the network because he wanted to illustrate the security flaws in the system. The News-Herald reports that campus police have charged him with offenses against computer users, a third-degree felony. He has also been suspended.

Authorities say users who accessed the campus wifi network on March 1 were redirected from the FSU PC homepage to a site displaying a video of two men having sex.

School officials say users from now on will be required to login to the use the network.

Blouin, a computer engineering student, said that's what he wanted all along.

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