"FOG" Surveys Are Being Sent to All Dothan Food Service Establishments

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The environmental protection agency is also hoping to unclog Dothan sewage and drains.

The city of Dothan is developing a program to control "FOG" entering the wastewater collection system
"FOG" stands for fats, oils and grease and it has been a serious problem for the city of Dothan. This issue has caused many sanitary sewage blockages and overflows. In response, the city will be sending out a survey this Friday to every Dothan food establishment to help the city determine probable "FOG" volumes that will require treatment and disposal.

"I think that it will help out a lot, people need to have a plan in place to set proper procedures to dump grease. The representatives will come out here and give them some information and try to keep the pollution to a minimum," said Michael Zigler the general manager at Gulfside Seafood Grill.

During the next few months, a "FOG" program representative will visit each food service establishment to review and collect surveys. Representatives will also discuss facility operations and better grease control practices.

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