FFA Programs Not Just for Future Farmers

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The FFA Program at Cottonwood High School grows every year. It teaches students the importance of the agriculture industry.

“We’ve got a greenhouse that we just finished building. And we’ll plant fresh tomato plants today. So we have people doing at least some hobby farming anyway,” said AG teacher and the school’s FFA Advisor, Rusty Yeoman.

However, now it is more than just farming.

Yeoman explained, “It’s not just about farming anymore. You have AG communications, AG education, and extension service. They can get involved in a multitude of careers, not just farming.”

Within the program, students perfect their craftsmanship skills.

“We were one of the only ones that built something big and it was like an old country porch and we won first place so we must have done something good,” said freshman Cameron Jacobs.

That porch won them first place in last year's National FFA Convention. They competed against 35 other states and came out on top. Now, they're preparing for this year's state convention. The students hope they can continue their winning streak.

Paxton Jenkins, a freshman at Cottonwood High, expressed, “You have people looking up to you. You have to show leadership. You have to show that if you can do it, then everybody else can do it.”

However, this competition is different from nationals. Instead of building, they have to demonstrate their knowledge of agriculture.

On Saturday, May 4th, the class is having a fundraiser at Tractor Supply Company on Main Street in Dothan. They will have a car wash and a bake sale to raise money for the upcoming State Convention in Montgomery. The fundraiser starts at 8:00 AM.

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