FDA Proposing Changes to Tanning Bed Rules

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The federal government is calling for stronger warnings on indoor tanning beds.

The Food and Drug Administration wants more oversight and says anyone younger than 18 shouldn't use indoor tanning beds.

Some 2.3 million teens tan indoors every year. Studies suggest their risk of melanoma is 75 percent higher than those who don't use sun lamps.

"So many people are coming in with skin cancers, and it's just way too young to have them," said dermatologist Dr. Joyce Fox. "Every additional dose of what we consider a carcinogen - ultraviolet light - is another nail in the coffin."

The FDA has proposed changes to help reduce cases of melanoma, including labeling tanning beds as moderate risk devices.

A spokesperson for the tanning industry says they embrace changes to improve safety but says the changes will place unnecessary burdens and governmental costs.

The proposals won't be announced for another 90 days.

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