FBI Releases Disturbing Recordings from Midland City Hostage Crisis

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Four months ago, a hostage crisis in Midland City shook the nation. Now, the FBI released new audio clips and pictures from that situation.

One brave student dialed 911 when Jimmy Lee Dykes stormed Charles Poland’s bus, demanding children.

Dispatch: “Hang in there, okay? What’s he doing now?
Student: “He’s yelling. He said the law’s coming.”

Poland sacrificed his life for those students. Unfortunately, Dykes ran off with one child: six-year-old Ethan.

The FBI released new images of Dykes’ bunker. It was buried 12 feet underground, and was roughly the size of a parking space. Two bunk beds, with thin mattresses, filled most of the area. Ethan and Dykes stayed in that tight area for six days.

Negotiators remained in contact with Dykes through a PVC pipe. Dykes made clouded demands.

Dykes: “And if that sorry son of a (expletive) above you doesn’t respond to me by 5:30 this afternoon, I mean by whatever time it is, then by God, I will not be talking to you no (expletive) more. And that son of a (expletive), I’m going to put his (expletive) on (expletive) notice.”

He blamed authorities for his actions, and hinted at taking extreme measures.

Dykes: “And they’ll know (expletive) exactly who is responsible for this (expletive) that’s going to take place or will take place. It’s because of you people.”

The FBI stormed the bunker before Dykes’ plans escalated. Police shot and killed him, but fortunately, Ethan returned home safely.

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