Why It's Important to Have Extra Safety During the Holiday Season..

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The Dothan Police Department is certainly operational around the clock, but in the middle of the Christmas season and after the shooting in Oregon a few more men and women are working at various shopping centers keeping watch just in case something looks strange.

It's a normal 12 hour day for Officer Sammie Hancock, but this time of year?

"We try to prevent any thefts that occur or any breaking and entering in the vehicles," says Officer Sammie Hancock.

It's called holiday local impact. It means Dothan officers are on patrol more than any other time of the year.

"Us officers on holiday local impact, we try to be seen, we try to let the community know we're around," says Officer Sammie Hancock.

And what he's looking for, while behind the wheel of his patrol car is something that will help keep you and your family safe during the shopping season.

"If you see somebody, behind or beside the store, they appear that they are about to put on mask, if someone is walking through cars, popping door handles, i mean that's suspicious activity," says Officer Sammie Hancock.

And if you plan on going to more than one store in the same shopping plaza, Officer Hancock says be careful where you place your merchandise.

"We strongly suggest you hide, hide anything, that's valuable, any presents you've got for people, don't leave in the front seat, to be visible, try to put them in the trunk," says Officer Sammie Hancock.

So not only are Dothan police, making sure they patrol behind the wheel they are also, getting out, of the car, making sure they're on foot patrol, watching every vehicle.

He also walks in and out of stores in shopping plazas

It's a safety measure taken to help protect and serve while you are shopping for loved ones.
So, officers are urging you to call them if you ever see something out of place while you are shopping or even in your neighborhood.

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