Excavation Continues at Former Florida Reform School

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Marianna -- The University of South Florida Anthropology Team continued their work today at the grave site on the former Dozier School for Boys property.

They worked on two grave sites today. While they have spent many hours digging in the hot sun, their findings have been years in the making.

After rain on Monday afternoon halted work, some members of the research team took a chance to talk to the media. They said their work will continue after the ground dries.

As for their work so far, they have found remains which have helped create a timeline.

"We've uncovered bone and teeth, coffin hardware, remnants of wood from the coffin," Associate Professor of Anthropology said. "On the first individual we are even able to estimate his age. He's probably 10 to 13 years old. He's about 5'2, 5'4 in height. Based on the coffin hardware we believe that it was manufactured after 1930."

The USF team will take the DNA samples back to the university. There they will create a biological profile of everything they learn.
This includes factors like age, sex, ancestry, even any possible trauma they might have suffered.

The DNA samples will then be sent to the University of North Texas. There they will be compared with the family samples.

The team has a one year permit to work on the site.