Eufaula Delegation Meets With Governor Bentley

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EUFAULA, AL -- Eufaula Mayor Jack Tibbs has spent the past two months asking for help. He's speaking to everyone possible, in an effort to prevent one of his cities biggest tourist attractions from disappearing.

The State of Alabama has announced a possible plan to 4-lane Highway 431 North. along the stretch of North Eufaula Avenue. Doing so would mean tearing down trees and removing the median from the cities section of historic homes.

Residents of Eufaula are looking for ways to fight this plan. A delegation of citizens, led by Mayor Tibbs recently met with Alabama Governor Robert Bentley.

They're asking state officials to reconsider the plan. Tibbs says Bentley indicated he was open to other options.

The primary reason for consideration of the plan appears to be heavy traffic flow along this route. With only two lanes available on North Eufaula Avenue, the stretch of road could become clogged with traffic, especially if the road is being used as an evacuation route for a hurricane.

Eufaula Police insist this won't be a problem. Authorities say they have a plan in place if there is an evacuation to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

WTVY's Cynthia Washington is in Eufaula speaking with Mayor Tibbs and residents about the proposed 4-lane expansion. Hear what residents are saying about the plan tonight on News 4.

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