Enterprise Prepares for Hurricane Season

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Enterprise is making sure everyone is on the same page this hurricane season.

Mayor Kenneth Boswell and the Recovery Organization of Coffee County discussed storm readiness this morning. Officials say the public needs to be prepared.

The Emergency Management Agency recommends a three-day safety kit including food, cash, medication and water.

Officials also went over what people should do once a storm hits.

"While the hurricane is hitting we recommend everyone stay in their home when you are talking about 100- mph winds that can knock over cars also a few inches of water on the roads is enough to sweep your car off the road a lot of our first responders will not be able to get back to you during the actual storm,” explained Deputy Director of Coffee County EMS James Brown.

Power company’s crews during an outage will work to restore power to homes as soon as possible. However, the first priority is to medical facilities, law enforcement and the sewage department.

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