UPDATE: No Charges Filed in Enterprise Daycare Investigation

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ENTERPRISE, AL - Enterprise police and the department of human resources are involved in a joint investigation of an unusual case.

On thursday night, authorities say the staff of a daycare closed early, leaving a 9-month old baby in the facility unattended.

Neither the identities of the baby nor the parents has been released, but we understand there were several anxious moments when the parents arrived to find the business closed.

Thursday afternoon, parents arrived at Step by Step daycare on Dauphin Street to pick up their child. Employees had left early due to the downtown Christmas parade.

Enterprise police say a 9-month-old baby was accidentally left in its crib when the business was locked up for the day. It's believed the child was left unattended anywhere from a half-hour to an hour.

The child was unharmed.

"An officer on the scene would hear a baby crying, he made entry into the business and found the baby unharmed in the crib," said Sgt. Billy Haglund of the Enterprise Police Department. "He took the baby and handed it to the parents."

Several parents say they're shocked to learn what took place but say they have not had any problems with the daycare.

"I don't know why it happened or what happened," said Alonza Brooks. "My baby has been coming here since she was 7 months old and we never had a problem."

"I'm nervous being a single parent, trying to get everything lined up now ... just nervous," said Holly Dunn.

Police have questioned the 19-year-old employee who reportedly left the baby unattended. At this time, no charges have been filed in the case. Police say they'll work with the Department of Human Resources to determine if there will be criminal charges filed against that employee.


ENTERPRISE, AL - On November 29, 2012, the Enterprise Police Department responded to Step by Step Day Care after being notified by parents who could not locate their child.

The parents arrived at the day care to pick their child up and discovered it was closed.

The parents advised they did not receive any notification that it would close early. Officers attempted to make contact with key holders to the business but were unsuccessful. Officers on scene heard a child inside the day care and breached the door.

Officers found the infant child inside a crib in the day care, unharmed, and the child was returned to the parents. No arrests have been made in this case at this time. The matter is currently under investigation by Detectives from the Enterprise Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division.

Mellissa Bowdoin is the owner of Step by Step Day Care.

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