Enterprise Residents Voice Concerns Over Approved Sales Tax Incease

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Buying items in the City of Progress is going to start costing more.

On Tuesday, July 15 the Enterprise City Council unanimously agreed to pass an ordinance that increases the city sales tax from 8.5% to 9%.

Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell says the additional revenue will go towards school funding issues and to bring new equipment and personnel to city fire and police departments.

Although residents agree that these areas deserve additional funding, many did not agree with it coming from an increase sales tax.

"We’ve got a great school system and we want to see it get better but we don’t think it takes the government reaching in to the pocket of the tax payer is a requirement to do that, " explained Enterprise resident Ed Foy. "We think that the revenue will increase in the coming years with the sales tax that we have now and you have to remember that every dollar that is taken out of the consumer’s pocket is another dollar they cant spend on something else."

According to Mayor Boswell the increase is necessary.

"We only try to meet the needs that are requested of us and one thing is no one likes taxes, including me, and the fact is that if we can avoid that at all costs that’s what we make a conscious effort to do, but at the same time when you have large ticket items you have no choice."

The increase will begin on Sept. 1.

Sales Tax in Enterprise was last increased in 2008. The money from the extra half-percent increase went to build Enterprise High School and Hillcrest Elementary School after they were destroyed in a tornado in 2007.

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