Engineers Work to Fix Daleville Road Before Storm

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Daleville, AL - The Wiregrass is expecting another heavy dose of rain over the next few days. Engineers are trying to find a way to fix Old Newton Road in Daleville. The last thing they need is more rain.

“"I haven’t found anymore in this condition or even close to it,"” Daleville Director of Public Works Jerry James said.

When you drive up the road there doesn’'t seem to be anything wrong with it, but if you take a closer look you can see there isn'’t anything holding it up.

“"If we get a lot more rain it’s going to wash it out. It’s already started undermining it on the sides of the road and that water will just keep eroding, eroding and eventually it will just collapse in,”" said Joe Harmon, an engineer with David Hixon Associates.

The solution? Replace the busted pipe under the asphalt, but that will have to wait. Another round of flooding is expected over the next few days. Thankfully, there is a detour for neighbors.

“"This road makes a big loop, a big circle. The people on this side have a little bit further to go. It’s inconvenient for them, but we’re doing it for their safety," James said.

Once the rain moves out, engineers will assess any further damage. It will take at least a month to repair the road.

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