Energy Awareness at Fort Rucker

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If you look at an open field, you probably wouldn’t think of energy, but in this field, there’s plenty of it.
Teachers at Fort Rucker elementary school are letting kids learn about energy hands on.

“They're learning all kind of types of energy and how simple energy can be and how powerful it can be as well.” Fort Rucker Elementary principal Vickie Gilmer said.

“It’s a good thing because if you trace the culture, of remember to close that door, turn the light off, that’s how we have to start early so people understand energy is not free everywhere you go. It’s a free cost. “ Fort Rucker Energy Engineer Trevor Marshall said.

And children seem to be picking up on the concept.

“When they showed us the electric cars, it’s a lot more energy efficient because it doesn't use any gas, you just have to plug it in and you're good.” 5th grader Ethan Hanks said.

Something else children love, are chocolate chip cookies, and that’s what's baking in this solar oven.

“I learned about how solar power is the best way to go because energy, wasting energy is not very well, not very good.” 5th grader Bailey Noland said.

Gilmer says with this event and more learning in the classroom, the student could become energy experts.

“I think if we teach kids at this age, their possibilities are endless.” Gilmer said.

This may even help children teach their families how to conserve energy and save money.
Electric companies also came to the event to demonstrate how different solar inventions, like the solar oven, work.

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