Enduring “Pokemon” Anime Series Kicks Off 16th Season in US

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The popular “Pokemon” animated series, based on the top-selling Nintendo video game franchise, kicked off another season over the weekend on Cartoon Network.

The season premiere of “Pokemon BW (Black & White): Adventures in Unova” aired on Cartoon Network on Saturday, February 2nd. This marks the 16th season premiere of the series which has passed well over 700 episodes in the United States.

Pokemon follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his friends in his quest to become a Pokemon master. Pokemon are a variety of unusual creatures in the animated series' world, and trainers such as Ash battle with them to become the very best.

The series is an anime, created in Japan, and then dubbed in the English language for American audiences. It premiered in its home country in 1997 before debuting in syndication in the United States the next year. It later moved to Kids WB and finally Cartoon Network, the series current broadcast home.

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