Empty Bowls Dothan

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It was a busy day at the cultural arts center. Wiregrass Area Food Bank hosted its first-annual Empty Bowls Dothan.

"We expected about $2,000 from this but we're going to exceed that by a long shot I do believe,” explained Julie Gonzalez, development director for Wiregrass Area Food Bank.

Community members donated $10 to the organization. In return, they got a hand-made bowl and a full lunch.

Lynn Koning initiated Empty Bowls event in Dothan. She said, “The soup got donated by some fantastic restaurants. The bread lady with the bread, the bee lady with the honey."

After lunch, supporters shopped in the hallway with different vendors. Ten percent of all of those proceeds also went to the food bank.

For months, volunteers prepared for the event—learning how to make pottery bowls from scratch.

"Potters all over the world do this and every since I’ve been a potter, I’ve wanted to do it. We had glazing parties in my studio. Twenty-one people in my tiny studio,” Koning remarked.

The event was scheduled until 2:00 p.m., but they sold out before the clock hit one.

"The money that's raised to go to the food bank, you actually can buy a pound of food for nine cents. For every dollar that's donated to the food bank, we have access to 11 pounds of food,” said Gonzalez.

Volunteers said this event could not have come at a better time.

"When you go into the summertime, you have less people doing food drives because everybody's on vacation and they are not doing their food drives at school. You still have children at home who would normally benefit from free or reduced cost lunches so you have more demand and lower supply."

Supporters went home with full, happy, and looking forward to next year.

"It gives me a warm feeling. I'm just so excited, I’m going to have an adrenaline crash tonight,” beamed Koning.

If you are interested in learning pottery or want to contribute to next year’s event, visit our WTVY Facebook page for more information.

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