Emergency Management Agency Host Webinar On Winter Weather

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Tallahassee Weather Service held another webinar this morning to make sure officials were on the same page; as far as when and where to expect these freezing temperatures.

Freezing temperatures and expected icing is said to be coming late afternoon to early evening.

Warming stations in Wicksburg, Webb, Kinsey, Taylor, Cottonwood, Ashford and Columbia will be open tonight at 6 p.m. until 8 a.m. Thursday.

There have already been a number of closings and EMA officials are warning residents to use extra caution when on the road.

"Coming to work, leave a little bit early, take your time, get to work safely. Those people getting off. Don't rush and try to get home, take your time, be very careful. Black ice can form on the highways out there, " says Director of Dothan/Houston county EMA, Steve Carlisle.

Houston county employees have already begun salting county bridges but e-m-a officials say to stay off the roads this evening if possible.

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