Electronic Safety

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Each year, people lose around sixty million electronic devices, many of them are never found.

“If your phone is lost or stolen, the next person who picks up your phone has your information. “ Owner of Wiregrass Technologies Dan Robinson said.

Information that if it gets in the wrong hands could hurt you financially or emotionally.
That's why Wiregrass Technologies owner Dan Robinson says you have to have better protection than just simple passwords.

“Go in there and ask to put in a ten digit pass code or put in some other kind of pass code that’s a great way to secure your data.” Robinson said.

This is also important for companies.
If you have multiple employees using company phones, each one should have a pass code, and also an antivirus system.

“If you’re putting these out on company band, you want some kind of intrusion protection that way you can see who is trying to get into your phones.” Robinson said.

But Robinson says when you're trying to protect your device; you have to think like a hacker... And imagine all the possible ways they can get your information.
Think your Bluetooth is making it easier for you to talk? It could be making things easier for hackers, too.

“When you turn that blue tooth on, you open up a channel on your phone and it can be hacked they can listen to your conversations.” Robinson said.

And Robinson says this happens more often than you think.

“I know teenagers who will actually do this, they’ll go out to the mall and sit in their cars and see who they can hack into, and they can actually have all your contacts in seconds.” Robinson said.

Robinson says when you protect yourself, your protecting everyone else in your phone as well.
He says be careful when you are using non-secure wifi hotspots.
He says if you do, be careful of the sites you visit.

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