Electronic Cigarettes: The Way to Quit Smoking

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Everyone is talking about electronic cigarettes.

"The thing that we tell people is we will save you a ton of money and throw in saving your life for free," said Trant Bullard, owner of True Vapor.

These e-cigs are flying off the shelves.

"They have become very popular a lot of people are changing to them because of the expense of cigarettes and some are also changing because of the health issues with cigarettes electronic cigarettes are a lot healthier for you," said Ashley Moore, manager of Tobacco Shop.

"There is no tar there is no carbon monoxide there is no carcinogens," said Bullard.

Smoke shop owners say the healthier and less expensive alternative to cigarettes helps smokers quit.

"The reason it is so much more successful than other smoking methods is because you have the hand mouth motion you see the vapor come out that looks like smoke," said Bullard.

And the similarity to smoking is not the only thing that appeals to people.

"There no tobacco in there there is a liquid nicotine and companies use (ingredients) nicotine and whatever flavoring you use," said Moore.

Flavors that keep electronic cigarette users coming back for more.

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