Economic Plans for Washington County

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Alabama's unemployment rate hinted job seekers may be duking it out in the work force arena. It has the second lowest unemployment rate in the Southeast, but a neighboring state is ready to join the competition.

Washington County Chamber of Commerce and elected officials joined forces Tuesday evening. They devised a plan to improve their economic development. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Ted Everett, said the focus was a business plan. Leaders discussed where they want to be, and what tools they need to get them there. Everett said sketching a vision for their future now will, ultimately, bring them closer to the top.

"What we'd like to see is over a span of five to ten years, the work be done now so that we can attract the kind of companies and the manufacturing companies that we know we need to help Washington County grow,” he said.

Some of Tuesday’s topics included site selection for new businesses, infrastructure, engineering, marketing, and the work force.

The Chamber will host a series of these meetings within the next six to eight months.

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