Early Morning Fire Kills Dothan Woman

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Residents on Condon road woke up to flames.

Neighbor Nicholas Sanders said, “The house was burning out of control.”

An extensive fire gutted a house at 105 Condon Road, and stripped a family of two. It happened just after four in the morning.

"Upon arrival our units encountered heavy fire and smoke conditions at the front of the home. It also had already vented through the roof of the home.” explained Chris Etheredge, Battalion Chief.

The man inside the house survived, but his wife did not make it. 52-year-old Majorie Hill could not escape because she was bed-ridden. Tragically, she died on scene.

Etheredge said, “Unfortunately we did have one fatality in the structure in the front of the home due to heavy smoke and fire conditions in the home.”

Initially firefighters could not enter the home because of its increased potential for collapse. The man inside the house owned guns, which sparked a greater hazard.

“We did hear several explosion type sounds inside the home, which was the ammunition actually firing inside the home due to heat and exposure to the flames.” said Etheredge.

“Bullets were going off inside of the house. Cops were knocking on doors and made the next door neighbors leave their house because bullets were flying everywhere.” explained Sanders.

Even a car in the back yard exploded. Firefighters worked quickly to control the flames. Investigators are unsure what started the house fire, but continue to search for a cause.

“Indications are that it started in the garage area, possibly from a dryer.” said Etheredge.

The tragic loss of Hill leaves a dark cloud hovering Condon road.

Sanders expressed, “I don’t even know how to describe it. I just know at the end of it, it was sad because somebody died. It is shocking to walk out and see somebody's house on fire.”

People leave inside the home did not have home-owner’s insurance. The red cross has stepped in to help.

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