Early County’s Dumpster Abuse

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Door-to-door trash pick up could be considered a luxury.

That is why Early County provides free dumpster sites so people don’t have another bill, but that is creating a problem that is anything but luxurious.

Nasty, is more than an accurate way to describe what workers and law enforcement are finding in Early County’s ‘Green Can’ dumpsters.

"Animal carcasses, that's probably the worst, but it could be anything from chemicals, um waist oil, hydraulic fluid,” said Phillip Law, Code Enforcement Officer. “There've been all kinds of things that should not go in a dumpster but that you would not want anybody to come into contact with.”

Greg Weatherby agrees. He’s the superintendent of the Early County Road Department. He says the problem is simple. People are illegally dumping items that should only be in a landfill, and nowhere near his workers.

"Well you know it's difficult for our employees when you're trying to dump a can that's got a stinky swollen carcass in it. So you understand that there are health hazards that go with it,” explained Weatherby.

He says 20 free dumpster sites around Early County are a privilege, but keeping those cans clean means taking appliances, dead animals, tree limbs and lawn trimmings to the landfill.

"We're trying to get the word out that there is an alternative to abusing the green cans. Where the citizens have an area available to them that is specifically for putting these items, these non-household items. And it's open to all residents of Early County,” said Law.

“The transfer station that we have here is available and it has limited operation but there is an area just outside the gate where citizens can bring certain items and it will be picked up,” said Weatherby.

According to Weatherby says if the problem continues they might have to consider curbside pick-up which could cost people $30 a month.

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