Early County High School Kicks Off B.Y.O.T Program

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Debbie McDonald has been teaching for almost 18 years and has seen the technology shift firsthand.

"When I first started teaching, every teacher didn't even have a computer in the class room. Then it was okay, now everyone's got one computer but there's only one computer in the entire school that's connected to the internet. Then there were computer labs and now you know we have kids that basically have computers in their pockets with their iPods and their cell phones."

Starting this fall Early County High students will be able to bring their own laptops, tablets or smart phones to school and use them for educational purposes.

The program is called B.Y.O.T. or Bring Your Own Technology.

"Because of our school being in a rural area, it's hard for students, for us to have enough computers for everyone," school Media Specialist Ashley Collier said.

Collier says many students have smart phones at the school and with the school's wireless connection - it will turn their devices into computers.

"It makes sense to incorporate that into what you're already doing in the classroom. There are a lot of websites where you can set it up to do poll questions. I've created class Facebook pages before and they would respond to questions," McDonald said.

McDonald says technology has kept some students engaged in learning outside of the classroom.

"I had students, talking about literature during the summer on a class Facebook page. That was pretty awesome," McDonald said.

The program will kick off next week.

If students want to participate in the program, parents are required to attend a meeting at the high school on September 3rd at 6:00 p.m.