E&W Building Materials Will Soon Close Its Doors

E&W Building Materials is in its final days.

Owners say the tough economy has forced the business to close.

E&W Building Materials opened in Headland in 1946 selling building materials.

And 67 years later the founder's son can no longer keep the business going.

Just last year company president Lowell Weeks had to lay off all his employees.

With just him and the company's vice-president left, they say E&W just can't compete with chain hardware stores.

But say it was all worth it.

"Our customers will be dearly missed they were kind of like family we knew a lot of them for many, many years and they are going to be dearly missed and I know they are going to miss us too," said Frank McClenny.

A fun fact about E&W, the company supplied materials to our old WTVY building in Webb.