EPA Considering Fla. Water Pollutant Levels

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TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- The Environmental Protection Agency will hear public comment on suggested rules to limit nutrient pollution in Florida's waters.

Two meetings will be held this week in Tampa. The first is Thursday afternoon, while the second is on Friday.

The proposals set numerical limits on nutrients that come from such sources as fertilizer, animal waste and, sewage effluent, which feed the toxic, slimy algae blooms. They can kill fish and make people sick.

EPA officials say they have determined that the state's new method of setting those limits in lakes, springs, steams and estuaries is technically and scientifically sound and more effective than the Florida's existing method.

Putting numerical limits on how much pollution is allowed is expected to strengthen enforcement.

Web-based public hearings are scheduled for Jan. 22-24.

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