E911 Board Looking for Architect

Dothan, AL - More than a handful of architects are interested in designing a joint communications center in Dothan.

At Wednesday E911 board meeting, officials said they've contacted seven firms.

The board will now line up interviews with them beginning in August.

The communications center will house the EMA office as well as the Dothan and Houston County dispatch centers.

They plan is to build it on the corner of North Cherry and Adam Streets.

They say it's crucial to select the right firm.
E911 Coordinator Steve Collins, said “Certain spaces need to be hardened to withstand weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and so forth. What we would be looking for is architects and firms that have experience with designing these type facilities."

Also at the meeting, Dothan Police Chief Greg Benton was elected as the chairman of the E911 board.
He replaced the former EMA Director Clark Matthews who recently retired.

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