E911 Advisory Committee Budget And Meeting Changes

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First on the agenda, combining Advisory Committee and District Board meetings.

Dothan Mayor mike Schmitz is on the E-911 District Board and he addressed the Advisory Committee Wednesday morning.

He proposed the idea of a combined meeting.

The Advisory Committee will still have their meeting but the District Board will sit in.

E-911 Coordinator Steve Collins says the tentative plan is to have the District Board meeting immediately following the Committee meeting.

Officials agree this will give everyone a more in depth look at how decisions are reached.

"A lot of times we don't have the knowledge or information on what we're voting, so I thought by combining the meetings if the district board has any questions, they can ask then, then we'll have the knowledge to vote, the way that i think we should, " said Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz.

There is no set date yet for the new combined meetings.

The e-911 Advisory Committee is also making sure their budget is in order for 2015.

Collins says everything in the budget is standard, with the exception of adding additional software.

One piece of software includes the capability of dispatchers to receive text messages and also improve their tracking capabilities.

Collins says the additions of the new systems will help to protect residents and add to the safety of the responders.

"The more information they have about an incident, the better prepared they are once they get on scene to handle the situation and obviously that carries over to the citizens as well, that our emergency responders can provide the highest level of service to our citizens, " said Collins.

The budget will go to the District Board for final approval next month.

The 2015 budget totals more than $1, 000, 000.

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