Plans for "All-in-One" 911 Communication Center Still under Discussion

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DOTHAN, AL---"We need a place to co-locate and we need to work right now in getting it done," said Dothan Police Chief Grag Benton.

That's the general consensus among members of the E-911 advisory committee, but as talks continue the process seems to be at a stand still.

"There's a lot of thoughts involved so coming up with one plan that everybody can agree on has been difficult," said Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver.

"Everybody wants to make sure that the right decision is made therefore there's a lot of debate, there's a lot of discussion," said Dothan Fire Chief Larry WIlliams.

One major part that needs agreeance is where the facility will be built.

"We collectively seem to be zeroing in and going back to the original piece of property which is located at the intersection of Adams and North Cherry Street," said E911 Coordinator Steve Collins.

The next is finding out just how big of a building they need to house all three facilities.

Another hot topic of discussion was whether to bring in a consultant to help the committee make a better decision and speed up the process.

"We want to be sure we do it right and we want to be sure it's efficient and cost effective," added Culver.

And with that committee members say it's time to take action.

"We need to put in a lot of good time of discussion and debate but at some point we need to decide on what were going to do develop that plan and then move forward with the process and I believe that's where we are now," said Williams.

The group plans to present square footage calculations and meet with a consultant at their next meeting.

The E-911 advisory committee has called a meeting for next Wednesday.

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