Drugs Found in School Following Deputy Investigation

In the morning hours of April 24, Deputy John Pettis, assigned as school resource deputy for Walton Academy, began an investigation into possible drugs being brought onto school campus.

Deputy Pettis noticed a suspicious backpack left on the boardwalk going to the classrooms that smelled strongly of marijuana. School authorities also picked up on the smell of marijuana but when the Dean searched the backpack, no drugs were located; however, they discovered who the bag belonged to.

After locating the bag’s owner, school officials spoke to the student. The student admitted to smuggling two bags of marijuana onto school campus and hiding them in the bathroom for other students. One of the bags from the bathroom was found in possession of another student.

The student in physical possession of the marijuana was arrested for Possession of Marijuana less than 20 grams and transported to the Walton County Department of Corrections for booking and release. An arrest warrant has been applied for the student who smuggled the drugs onto school property.

“This case serves as a great example of how school resource deputies work closely with school officials, students and parents to make our schools a safe, drug free learning environment,” according to Captain Mike Howell, Bureau Chief of Special Operations, who oversees the school resource deputy program.