Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday March In Dothan

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Some people might have had the day off but local residents didn't let that stop them from having a birthday celebration in the streets.

"We're living the freedoms that they marched and lost their lives for us to have. Martin Luther King and a lot more".

For Kimberly Lampkin and her fellow community members, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday wasn't a day to take off, it was a day to approach head on.

"Despite popular belief the marches are necessary, us showing up and talking about it in the community is still necessary and us actually setting agendas in ways to eliminate some of the things that still plight us today is very necessary, " says organizer Jemmie Watford.

"It's very important that we never forget where we came from, " said another participant.

"Back then when I was coming up, you couldn't be with a white kid and a white kid couldn't be with you but nowadays, like Dr. King said, one day, black kids and white kids will hold hands and that's why I'm marching today, " Ernest Mcknight, who also marched.

A march bringing generations together for one of the most notable civil rights leaders in history.

"I just want to witness a piece of history of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because he's very important to our history, " said Terrance Turner, another participant in the parade.

"The fact that the police of Dothan escorted us here, that's a totally different landscape then what happened 50 years ago, 30 years ago, " says Watford.

"I just want to really thank Dr. King from the bottom of my heart what he did for us to make this day happen, " says Mcknight.

Participants marched from Piggly Wiggly on Montgomery Highway to Greater Beulah Baptist Church on Headland avenue.

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