Dr. Earl Jones Appointed to Board of Polygraph Examiners

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Senator Harrie Anne Smith (I) of Slocomb, today announced the confirmation of Dr. Earl Jones of Dothan to the Alabama State Polygraph Examiners Board. Her support in the committee led to his confirmation by the Senate.

Dr. Jones has been a polygraph examiner since 1985 and is with the Houston County Drug Treatment Center.

Senator Smith has long been a proponent of Dr. Jones's appointment and, with the support of the Governor, made the motion in the Senate Committee to move his nomination to the full Senate with a favorable recommendation. Following his nomination he was confirmed by the full Senate.

Following his confirmation Senator Smith said, "I was very proud to recommend Dr. Jones to the Governor for consideration of his appointment, and to make motions in both the Committee and on the Senate Floor for his confirmation. Dr, Jones has long been a pillar of our community and has served the people of the Wiregrass, as a teacher, Counselor, and friend for over 35 years."

She concluded "I am very proud that Dr. Jones, a Wiregrass native, was named to this important Board and I'm confident that he will continue to be a great asset to the people of Alabama"

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