Downtown Business Closes Their Doors

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The downtown group says the closing of the restaurant Nektar and Dakota Coffee's downtown location doesn't mean the doors are shut for the downtown area.

After three years, Dakota Coffee owner Ron McGhee is turning off the brewers and closing shop

"The economy continues to decline, the customer base has expanded outside of town more so than what it was when we first came to Dothan. It takes a little more to operate it than what we are bringing in right now, " says McGhee.

McGhee says he originally bought his business downtown because of the potential he saw in the property and the area.

"It had a drive through built in then, with a canopy over hanging, it was just going to be the most perfect drive thru, slash coffee shop scenario in town, " said McGhee.

With Dakota Coffee being the second business to close recently, it begs the question, what does the future look like for downtown Dothan?

Jill Williams with the Downtown Group says there has never been more interest in downtown.

While McGhee says, he wishes there were more attractions to bring in customers.

"I know we have Foster Fest that brings a lot of people into town, you have the mural shows and different things of that nature, Christmas downtown, those sort of days bring in a lot of customer base, but they are few and far between, " said McGhee.

Downtown Group officials say they hate to see businesses go but it's important to have a plan.

They says ideally they would love to see more retailers downtown and possibly even a parking deck.

As for McGhee, he has a message for his customers.

"I'd love to thank everybody that came, it was a wonderful 3 years, ".

Dakota coffee will be shutting its downtown doors tomorrow but they still have locations near Flowers Hospital and in Enterprise.

Williams says there is already another business that will be moving into the Dakota Coffee building.

She couldn't say what or just when yet but she did say it was a retail business.

She also says there's been major interest in Nektar's old location.

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