Watch WTVY & WRGX - LIVE on your Smart Phone

WTVY and WRGX News at 5:30 is now available on your phone, live or on demand.

Go to the App Store and download the SyncBak App.

With the SyncBak App, you can watch every newscast on WTVY News 4 and WRGX live.

If you miss a show, you can go back and watch all of our newscasts on demand.

WTVY will also carry the National Peanut Festival Parade live or on demand on the SyncBak App.

Download it today!

Here's how you you can download it:

- Go to your App store
- Search "Syncbak" and then push the install button
- After installation, put in you location or if it asks to use your current location, click yes
- Enjoy WTVY News 4 and WRGX News at 5:30 anywhere in the Wirgrass.

Individual data usage rates apply.

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