Down to the Final Moments, U.S.-China Manufacturing Symposium

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With nearly one week to go, Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz is putting the finishing touches on his symposium plans. From Civic Center tweaking, to downtown ordinances, the city of Dothan has stayed busy preparing for the U.S. – China Manufacturing Symposium.

Co-Chairman of the Asia Society, Ronnie Chan, is just one of the many anticipated guests. He recently invested $100 million in Harvard Square at Harvard University in Boston. Mayor Schmitz is hoping this event will bring that kind of investment to Dothan.

“I’m just so grateful they're coming to Dothan, and then Saturday they leave. Of course, our goal is to get some of them to like our community and stay a couple of days to look around investing,” explained Mayor Schmitz.

The list also includes Troy University's Chancellor, Jack Hawkins, and the University of Alabama's Vice Chancellor for Government Relations and Economic Development, Jo Bonner. They might open doors to more internship programs between the Southeast and the Far East. An entrepreneur in Hong Kong has the same idea.

“Chinese governments and universities are also very interested in education partnerships, academic partnerships, research partnerships, with universities and institutions in the U.S.,” said Hing Chao, Chairman of the Earthpulse Foundation,

Chao will be in Dothan next week, but the list does not end there. Hundreds of manufacturing leaders will be in the circle city March 26th.

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