Dothan's Top 2013 Priorities

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Day two of Dothan's City Commission's prioritizing began with a large to-do list. Commissioners focused on challenges they could accomplish within the year and gave a list to strategic planner, Lyle Sumek.

Long-term water supply was a major topic of discussion. A well management project is in process, but not everyone was on the same page.

Mayor Schmitz said, "If this works then we'll have all the water we need for a long time plus."

Friday, commissioners planned to make a decision on red light cameras. Instead they opted to scratch that off the list, for now. Some remaining issues include Ross Clark Circle improvements, a new library, and repairing city facilities.

“There's erosion issues and then even to get back in there to maintain it is difficult,” said Sumek.

City commissioners want to continue momentum downtown and possibly expand city limits. Members recognized some goals on their list may not happen right away, but a focused plan will eliminate procrastination. Although there is a lot of work left, it is a work in progress.

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