Dothan's Most Wanted

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The Dothan police department has dealt with dangerous criminals who might be on the loose, but it makes their job much easier when the public has a tip.
This is the surveillance video that helped police nab the man who they say robbed a coffee shop on west main street in Dothan.
Dakota coffee works owner Ron McGhee says he is thankful the wanted suspect Brent Barber is sitting in jail,
But McGhee admits the difficult part was having enough patience, for tips in the case, to come in.

"It was just a matter of us waiting on someone to contact us through crime stoppers and identify him, and let us know who we were dealing with," says Dakota Coffee Works Owner Ron McGhee.

And those calls to crime stoppers led to an arrest in that case, which is exactly what police count on.

"Most people can be recognized by someone and even if it's only one phone call that can be the phone call that makes the difference, Sergeant Rachel David with the Dothan Police Department

It did in the Dakota coffee works case, but investigators are still looking for some other suspected criminals.
Take a good look at the people who are on Dothan P.D.’s most wanted list.
Some are accused of forgery and fraud, others, for theft, while some even robbery.
26-year-old Laquadrea Haynes is wanted for breaking into the McDonalds on Reeves Street in April of this year.
Police say he cut himself on a broken glass door, while trying to get inside.
After collecting a d-n-a sample police identified Haynes as the suspect in the case.

"The intruder was lacerated by some of those shards of glass, so now we have a warrant signed looking for this individual," says Sergeant Rachel David with the Dothan Police Department.

Dothan police want these men and women off the streets.

And Ron McGhee knows first-hand the public can help bring a suspected criminal to justice.
Police say with the public's help many of the cases that are open can come to a close rather quickly, so if you recognized someone please give them a call.

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