Dothan's Bike & Walkway Plan gets Recognition

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DOTHAN, AL--They're popping up on the sides of roads around the city but they're all derived from a master plan.

"A lot of people like to ride their bikes or walk whether it be to school or the park," said Dothan Planning Director Todd McDonald.

So to keep those people safe and make it all possible the city created a bicycle and walkway plan.

"We look for opportunities when we're repaving streets that may be too wide."

One example is a bike lane, on west Carroll Street, from Oates to Park Avenue.

"Our biggest problem is we don't have right away in some parts of the city."

Officials say they're taking baby steps with the plan as funds become available.

The money is provided through grants, transportation funding and community development block grants.

The plan recently received statewide recognition by being awarded the top plan in Alabama by the Alabama Chapter of the American Planning Association.

It also won honorable mention from the American Council of Engineering Company of Alabama.

"It feels great to be recognized by my peers," said McDonald.

Officials say the plan was created through a community driven effort from advisory committees, public meetings and online feedback.

Dothan city commissioners adopted the plan in November 2011.

It was judged based on originality, writing and graphics, comprehensiveness and public participation.

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