Dothan Farmers Market

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John Aplin needs to sell his fruit and vegetables.

But this farmer isn't holding any tricks up his sleeve, unless you count good customer service.

Aplin said,“When the customer comes and says, hey, the watermelon we got last week was not good or something was wrong, our immediate next statement is do you want another one or do you want your money back?”

Aplin and other farmers are hoping for lots more happy customers come June, when farmers markets start opening their doors.

Poplar Head Market Manager Donna Balzaratti says it's all about getting a fresh product out to new sets of eyes.

Balzaratti said, “They have their truck backed up behind the tent. They picked it that morning, so you've got it warm and it’s still got a little dirt on it. It’s great. You won't get it any fresher than this.”

Customers like Peggy Armstrong appreciate that kind of service, but that's just one reason she keeps coming back.

Armstrong said,”The taste is better it's not always from the farm when you go to grocery store and when you go to the farmers market you know it came from the farm, the taste is better.”

That's important to farmers like Aplin too.

Aplin said,“It's important because it gives farmers a place to sell their produce and direct to the public they can get a better price for their product, the public benefits because they get a fresh product that was picked yesterday or today.”

More options for farmers and for customers.