Success in Dothan iRecycle Program Brings New Changes

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It has been a little more than three months since the blue bins began dotting the sides of Dothan neighborhoods.

The Dothan iRecycle Program began curbside pickup in June, and officials say those blue bins are here to stay.

“We have gone from about 2,000 to 2,200 participants in the original pilot program now we are at about 7,000 households which is pretty good. 28 percent of residences we service with our waste program. The state’s goal was 25 percent so we are doing pretty good,” explained Ken Rice, Assistant Environmental Services Manager of the Dothan Public Works Department.

Dothan residents participating the iRecycle program say that they are pleased that the Circle City has taken a larger interest in recycling with curbside pick up.

“The blue bin experience has been impeccable. I am so impressed. For a community that was not doing it at large, only in certain areas I am extremely impressed because every time I put my recyclables out and I go out to retrieve it is turned over, there are no errors everything is gone and I am just excited that the city is taking such a good approach with it,” said Phyllis Bolden, Dothan Resident and iRecycler.

In fact, the iRecycle program has been so successful in the Circle City, that now the program is beginning to offer larger blue carts that are similar to garbage cans.

“In the last few weeks, answering some requests, they want blue carts. We have a few of those, some that were purchased for our schools and other buildings, we have some left and we also have grant money so we are going to start encouraging residents who need bigger capacity containers to do the same thing go to Civic Center give a $50 fee and let them know it is for the blue cart, not green one and then we will deliver,” said Rice.

The new blue carts are currently available although the curbside pickup program is still in its early phases. The next steps allow for the program to grow in popularity and helps keep the future of Alabama environmentally clean.

“Our goal is to obviously recycle more than we throw away and that is possible,” said Rice. “If you think about it, and if you participate in the program you will realize that well over half of your household solid waste can be recycled and a lot of times people don’t do it because they don’t have the capacity or the bins or whatever so they just throw it away and that is why we are looking at the cart option, so you can utilize that instead of the bin.”

If you are not a part of the iRecycle program, call 334-615-3820 or visit the iRecycle webpage on or at the link below.

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