Dothan Zoning Board Decision Leaves Family Looking for a Home

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UPDATE: Two local families are left wondering where they will live ... After what they thought would be their home is no longer an option.

Yesterday we told you about a proposed women's restoration home to be built in the 1500 block of Denton road.

The Ordinary Peoples Society, or T.O.P.S, was behind the project.
However, The Dothan Zoning Board unanimously voted the proposal down.

Two potential residents say that decision is difficult to accept and wish the community was more understanding.

"I just need somebody to help me get on my feet, that's all. We not asking for no hand out, we are just asking that people understand where we are coming from. I'm 51 years old! " says Deborah Trammell, who would have been a resident in the home if it was approved.

T.O.P.S. Has 15 days to appeal the board's decision.


A decision by the Dothan Zoning Board on Wednesday has left some area people wondering where their next move will be.

WTVY spoke to a family directly affected by the board’s decision to deny a motion for a women’s center proposed by the T.O.P.S. organization.

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