Dothan Woman to Appear in New Civil Rights Movement Movie

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A Dothan woman is helping tell the story of the Civil Rights Movement on the big screen.

“I had the opportunity of being in the movie, "Selma", which was being filmed in Selma with Oprah and Brad Pitt,” explained Anita Dawkins.

Dawkins never had dreams of being on the big screen, but after
appearing on Oprah’s Colorism special last year, she found herself on the set of an film about the Civil Rights Movement.

“You would always hear about Alabama or the things that happened during the civil rights movement but to actually be on the bridge where history began with civil rights meant way more than reading it in a book.”

Dawkins spent seven days driving to Selma for the film, much of her time was spent on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, but she says her experience is about more than just rubbing elbows with A-list actors.

“It was just a cause that I was standing on the bridge for meant more to me than anything.”

Capturing the essence of the civil rights movement in the 1960’s is not an easy feat, but Dawkins is confident the film will do history justice.

“It’s going to touch a lot of lives, older and new. To me the movie is filling the generation gap that we have.”

The trailer for "Selma" is expected to be out in November of this year. The film will be in select theaters in December.

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