Dothan Utilities Looking for Dark Streetlights

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The countdown to Halloween is on and in order to make sure that children are not trick or treating in the dark, Dothan Utilities is looking to area residents to help find streetlights that have burnt out.

Dothan Utility crews have been taking to the streets to fix broken streetlights before the big night, but a streetlight can only be fixed if crews know about it.

“What we have asked people to do is when they are walking down the street or driving down the street if they see a light that is out to call and let us know the address so that we can get out there and repair those lights before the kids are out,” explained Billy Mayes, Director of Dothan Utilities.

By finding out what streetlights are out in the Circle City, Dothan Utilities is helping keep children safe.

“It provides more visibility on the street of course and that is just important for kids to have that light so that those driving or so that kids can see what is going on and so that those driving down the street can make sure they at least have a better chance of seeing those kids,” said Mayes.

Mayes continued to explain that bulbs in Dothan streetlights are rated every 15 years. They turn on as soon as it gets dark and stay on until it is light outside.

Residents that see a broken streetlight are asked to report it by calling 615-3302 and giving the most exact location of the light that they can. For example, if a streetlight goes out across from a house, residents are asked to report it by giving the house number and street address.

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