Dothan Technology Center Breaking Down Stereotypes

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When beginning high school, many students have to start thinking about their careers possibilities.
Teachers at the Dothan Technology Center hope to help with those decisions.

“We hope every student goes into the work force and we want to make sure our students are well prepared for that.” Dothan Technology Center Principal Terry Scott said.

Principal Terry Scott says he wants to do as much as he can to help get students on the right track, and this includes de-bunking some stereotypes about the center.

“A lot of people think of the technology center as being an area for those other students or those students who are planning to go to college or not planning on graduating from high school. “ Scott said.

But he says that's not the case.
They hope to educate those students wanting to go to a 2 to 4 year college as well.

“If someone says they want to be a nurse, but have never been into the nursing field, or worked in a hospital or nursing home. We want to give them that experience, so they can say yes this is really what I want to do. “Scott said.

That's the situation for Dothan Technology Center student Audrina Williams.

“After high school I plan on going to a four year college and go to a medical school.” Student Audrina Williams said.

And with college tuition on the rise, she wanted to make sure that was her passion before choosing a major in college.
Principal Scott says there is another common misconception, regarding the nursing field.

“All of our programs are open to male and female students. We encourage students to not look at programs as stereotypical. Girls do just as much in drafting and automotive like boys do. Boys can do just as well in the health science field as the girls do.” Scott said.

Scott says there will be no gender stereotyping in his school, just the willingness to learn a trade they may one day call their career.

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